Cleaning a bathroom

Small Tasks Everyday Will Make a Big Difference – Part 1 the Bathroom

Here are some small jobs you can do every day, or so, to keep

your bathroom sparkling clean all the time!

Let’s face it, the bathroom is just one of those cleaning chores that everyone tends to procrastinate with from time to time. This inevitably leads to the slow accumulation and eventual all day affair tackling the gross mess. One of the best strategies for trying to break out of this cycle is a simple routine of daily or semi-daily tasks.

Anybody who has lived without a dishwasher knows the value of cleaning as you go. Nothing is more annoying than letting dishes build up and witnessing the start of the blame game while everyone in the family denies responsibility. For that reason cleaning pans, pots and dishes immediately after they are done being used helps prevent long-term problems. The same trick can be applied to the bathroom cleaning. It is always a great idea to wipe down the surfaces and the mirrors right after use. One common tip is to keep some disposable anti-bacterial wipes on hand for this very purpose.

Routine and repetition are key. It can also be good for establishing order and healthy habits that provide you with focus and a sense of well-being. Keep the clutter down, don’t leave anything that doesn’t belong in the bathroom in there. Having a smaller garbage can and emptying more frequently can be worked in as well to help bolster the daily routine.

It is, of course, always wise to make sure you have the proper tools for the job close by and on hand as well. Some, not so obvious, items to keep around are Baking soda, vinegar, and Alka Seltzer. Baking soda especially is great for quick and daily toilet control. A spoonful at night into the bowl helps keeps things fresh for the next day. The same is true for vinegar as it is great for cleaning stains and mildew. Leaving the squeegee in or near the shower for spot cleaning will help too.

Finally, you are going to want to leave the closing of the shower curtain until the end of your new routine. Defining an end to the routine is important and it also serves an important function as well. Keep the curtain wide and exposed helps cut down on mildew especially after showers. This can be especially important in bathrooms that don’t have a window for sunlight. Associating a daily clean with your daily routine will lead to a cleaner and happy life.