Organize Your Office Desk

Simple Tips for Organizing Your Office Desk

Your office desk epitomizes your character as a person and as a worker. A cluttered desk can mean a cluttered mind, while an uncluttered and organized desk can mean professionalism. It can also affect your productivity when you persistently work around in a cluttered environment. Have you ever been in a situation where your boss asked you to find an important paper and you can’t find it due to your chaotic desk? Save yourself the embarrassment and organize your office desk NOW.

Here are simple tips that may help you in organizing your office desk.

  1. Begin by moving every single item from your desk and place it on another table or on the floor. Then throw away all the things that are not needed anymore such as used scratch papers or files that are obsolete. Old files you may need for future use place in a labeled storage box and keep in your storage area.
  2. Arrange your office supplies starting with the most used items such as pens, pencils, scissors, paper clips, and fasteners, and so on. Place them all in your drawer that is within your reach for easy access. You can partition your drawer into several segments, each one for different office supplies and personal items such as tissues and hand lotion. Keeping these small items close means you don’t have to get up every time you need them.
  3. Clean the top of your desk before placing items such as your laptop and family pictures back on it. Do this regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt. As much as possible, do not put so much on top of your desk both for looks and better workspace.
  4. For your files, it is best to arrange them chronologically or alphabetically so you can easily locate them. You may use colored folders for organizing sections as well as labeling each file with an identifying tab.
  5. For a more systematized filing, use organizers such as baskets, plastic bins, and boxes for bigger items. Another great office organizer is the paper tray in which to place your outgoing and incoming documents.
  6. One more valuable tool is the trashcan. Regularly throw away unnecessary items so they won’t stockpile inside your drawers. Empty your trash daily for a cleaner environment.
  7. For files and documents that you don’t need at present but may want to retrieve at a later date, you may archive them in a separate filing cabinet for future use. Most businesses nowadays apply the paperless office system to greatly reduce filing of documents by just saving them in a computer file.
  8. Place a desk clock to view your time and a calendar with organizer to write your daily reminders.

Make time to tidy up your office desk daily for your own peace of mind. Use your creativity in organizing your desk and keep track of the things that are most important in doing your office tasks. This will enable you to run your business more efficiently and with greater success.