Ideas for Easy Holiday Decorations

Simple Holiday Decorations

Decorating for the holidays, for most people, is very special. In some families, decorations are saved and handed down year after year bringing with them happy memories of holidays past. For most, even those with past treasures, decorating with new ideas is part of the joy of the season. Stores of many kinds will feature a wide variety of holiday decorations to choose from. In fact, there are whole stores devoted to nothing except holiday decorations. You can spend large amounts of money, or you can create many of your decorations from simple holiday ideas. Here are some simple, inexpensive ways to decorate:

  • Using food for decorations has long been a tradition. Apples of all colors attractively arranged in a pretty bowl placed on a colorful mat look lovely. Nuts of different shapes and colors, again placed in an attractive bowl are used to decorate as well. Making strings of popcorn is a popular food decoration. And, of course, wrapped candy traditional for the holiday being celebrated is found in most homes.
  • Bringing the outside in can help brighten and freshen up a home. Depending on where you live, interesting shaped branches from trees and shrubs can be used in a variety of ways. Branches can be spray painted or used in their natural colors. Often people use colorful thread or fishing line to hang small ornaments from artfully arranged branches. Some branches will already have clusters of berries attached, which will add to the décor. Pine cones are found in many locations, and spray-painted, or natural make lovely decorations. A large basket of pine cones tied with a wide, colorful ribbon will look elegant as a porch decoration. Certain shrubs such as holly are often used to decorate as are branches of evergreen trees and shrubs. Even in Florida, palm fronds and the fallen palm bark can become stunning holiday decorations.
  • Paper creations are popular and simple holiday decorations. Making paper chains from colored paper has long been a traditional way to decorate a home. These chains can adorn walls, stairways, arches, and window sills. Children enjoy making these chains, which adds to the decorating fun for them. Speaking of children, they can cut snowflakes, paper-doll chains, and create any number of holiday-themed paper decorations using crayons, markers, and poster paint.
  • Candles and ribbon are two simple and inexpensive ways to bring color and pleasant smells into a holiday home. Dollar stores have a variety of candles in different colors, shapes, sizes, and scents. Pick your favorite, add colorful ribbon, and place on an attractive plate. Most candles used for decorating are made to be very safe; some now have flames that look real but are powered by batteries. Ribbon can also be used to decorate stairways, around pictures, and of course to make beautiful wrappings for those whose holidays include exchanging gifts.

Holiday decorating should be something that makes the season a happy one, not a chore that drains the pocketbook. By taking a little time and using one’s creative abilities as well as shopping at low-end stores a person can have their home decorated as lovely as those who spend hundreds of dollars.