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Secrets For A Clean Home With Pets

It is a very different thing when you are trying to keep a home clean with pets versus without pets. Any pet owner will tell you that cleaning your house with a pet is much more difficult. Fortunately, they will almost always tell you that the love and affection we get from pets is well worth the trouble. Especially considering there are some very useful tricks and secrets to help in dealing with the increased load from pet traffic in a home.

Before we get into some actual cleanup advice, it’s important to note that keeping your home clean with pets starts with selection rather than technique. Selection with regards to colors, housewares, and furniture. Having a pet means planning for a pet. It’s important to select items in your home that are more versatile and resilient. Today it is easier than ever to pet-proof a home with style. For instance, switching all of the rugs in your home to hybrid indoor-outdoor ones will make a big difference as well as using darker carpets or paints.

Just like clumsy humans, pets make mistakes as well, even if it far less often. It’s important that your home is prepared for the fallout. Keeping a secret stash of supplies for spot cleaning will go a long way to lessen stress when it finally does happen. Many people find it extremely useful to keep an emergency cleaning kit under the sink or in the pantry. With separate and ready to go rags, sponges, and cleaners you can try to stay one step ahead of some different messy situations. Spot cleaning immediately also helps reduce any foul odors associated with pet homes.

Finding the right vacuum for pet hair is a big issue for pet home cleaning. Investing in a solid, pet hair friendly vacuum is suggested across the board. Even short-haired dogs and cats will inevitably leave tons of fur around the house, and a big part of home cleaning with regards to pets is the fur management.

Finally, find their “spots.” We all have our spot at the dinner table, or on the couch, or in the bed. Pets are no different; it would seem that all us living things find peace in a home “spot.” Giving a little extra care and attention to these areas is important. If it is their little bed setup or their area on the couch or in a room, a vacuum there more often, machine wash the bed when possible, and in general help them keep their “spot” homey and peaceful.