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Quick Tips for Cabinet Care and Cleaning

Cabinets are an integral part of kitchens everywhere that define the look and feel of this high use area in your home. Cabinets are home to food china and can even be found in other parts of the home like bathrooms, basements, garages, and patios. Keeping your cupboards clean will make all the difference in brightening up and making your kitchen attractive. Often cabinets are the first idea of when a kitchen needs to have a big re-model so extending the life of cabinets with proper care and cleaning can cut down on long-term upkeep expenditures. Here are some quick tips for keeping your cabinets clean and crisp for daily use.

Most cabinets are made of some form of wood or wood composite which requires special attention when cleaning due to its softer nature. Common problems associated with cupboards include residues and films from foodstuff, water damage from wet flatware, bugs, stains, and stress marks. The first thing you’ll want to know about is what not to use when cleaning. The list is long for cabinets and includes Bleach, Strong Chemicals, rough brushes, steel or copper wools, rough scouring pads, or ammonia.

The most common complaint when it comes to cabinets are the nicks, scratches, and scores. Typically these are best treated with cabinet touch up kits. These kits provide a marker that uses a compound of the same color to fill in the minor scratches and dents.

Make sure to keep up with daily cleaning, always removing stains promptly. Oil build up mixed with spices in the cabinet, or other liquids might be hard to notice at first and if left untreated can become a sticky mess. Another easy way to combat this is to limit moisture-rich products and designate areas for liquids in your cabinets.

Different types of cabinet and wood cleaners are widely available and do work. Staying away from waxes and harsh cleaners is advised, as there are many different types of safe and less harsh cleaning solutions available. Some more organic and homegrown methods to try are either baking soda and water or, plain dishwasher soap and warm water.

Finally, if you can economically manage the heat and moisture of your home that will also go a long way in preserving your cabinetry. Cleaning your cabinets isn’t usually part of a normal cleaning routine, but it is a good area to focus on often to preserve the beauty and value of your home.