muddy paws

Pet Friendly Environment – Part 4

Muddy paws? Here’s how to keep the grime and dirt out of your house!

Dogs are man’s best friend and they are very reliable pets, but it doesn’t mean that your house has to smell and look like a doghouse. As much as we love and adore our pet dogs, we still have to keep our house clean and free from dirt and grime, especially muddy dog paws during rainy days. Dogs love to run around in and out of the house even on rainy days, with all the dirt and mud in tow not knowing that they are creating a big mess. It can be difficult, tiresome, and time consuming to clean the muddle they create. Furniture, floors, and everything they can get their muddy paws on are sure to have those smelly and dirty stains all over them. Here are some tips in keeping the grime and dirt outside your house.

Use disposable wipes. Every time your dog comes back from outside with all that dirt, make him/her sit at your doorstep and take some time, even for just a few seconds, to clean his paws using pre-moistened wipes. You can use alcohol-free wipes like the ones used to wipe babies, but this time use those that are exclusively designed for pets. It is best to have a trashcan near your door to easily dispose of the used wipes. It may cost you extra but this technique is more convenient and faster.

Use Paw Cleaning Mitt. Another effective and easy means of getting your dog’s paws clean is by using a paw cleaning mitt. Made from microfiber, a cleaning mitt is large, long, and fluffy on the underside and your hands can be completely clean while getting rid of the mud. Just dig in and take off the mud, it’s that easy. This microfiber mitt is highly absorbent, which means that as the dirt and grime are eliminated the fur will dry as well. If your puppy chooses to roll around, eventually getting his entire body filthy, you can make use of the mitt in the tub and lightly scrub the dirty parts. The chenille fabric scrapes up dirt then latches it inside the fibers with a fast motion. In a matter of seconds your dog’s paws will be cleaned. What’s good about this paw cleaning mitt is it can be washed and reused, so when it gets very dirty you can simply machine wash, then use again.

Use a dog paw washer. Using a dog paw washer can get your dog clean, but if you are after convenience and speed, then this is not for you. This washer is best used for super muddy feet that will typically require your dog to take a bath. It can save you time. All you need is to immerse your dog’s paw one leg at a time and give him a mini bath, so it can completely take the mud off.

And, of course, if time isn’t an issue and dollars are, the old fashioned method of putting your dog’s muddy paws under a hose or in a water-filled bucket and using some dish detergent rubbed in with a rag, then rinsed well, will work just fine. If possible, this job should be done outside or in a garage. If this can’t be done and your dog is not too heavy, carry him/her to your bathtub or shower stall and proceed with the cleanup there. Mud is more easily washed down a drain than cleaned off floors or furniture.

For the large, heavy dog, keep old bath or beach towels across the outside entrance used by the dog for coming and going. As he/she comes in, wrap the dog’s legs and paws in the towels and rub briskly, this usually removes most of the mud and outside debris. Finish by drying the whole dog to prevent inside, doggy odor.

Dogs take work to enjoy them to their fullest, but it is worth the effort.

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