Pet Friendly Environment – Part 2

Pet Friendly Environment – Part 2

Organic pet friendly cleaning products

As much as we love our pet cats and dogs, it is still a fact that they can make a whole lot of mess in our house! Running here and there, collecting dirt and mud from outside and bringing it into the house, toppling water bowls and food, and leaving pet detritus around may cause tedious cleaning which can take up precious time.

Cleaning the mess our pets create can be handled by proper cleaning techniques and cleaning products that are pet friendly and organic at the same time. Over-the-counter products sold commercially are effective, but only when used as directed on the product’s instructions. Using organic, pet friendly cleaning products there will be no harmful effects on your beloved pets. There are safe alternatives to commercial cleaners that you can use and these can be found in your home or economically purchased at the grocery store. Here are some organic cleaning products that can help you in cleaning up after pets.

Baking Soda

One of the most useful items in the kitchen and known for its mild abrasive and odor-absorbing attributes, baking soda is an organic cleaning product and a must-have for your home. It can safely absorb all types of pet odor just by sprinkling it on your carpet and floor and letting it sit for about half an hour before vacuuming it up. For cleaning, make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with salt and water. Apply on a clean washrag or sponge, and then scrub it gently on your pet’s plates and water bowls. Rinse thoroughly with water. Besides being very effective in cleaning and removing odors, baking soda costs little to use compared to commercial cleaning products.


Another economical and must-have in every home, vinegar is not only used as a food ingredient but as an all-purpose cleaner as well. To make an organic, all-purpose cleaner, combine half cup of vinegar (white) with one gallon of water then pour it in a sanitized spray bottle. This simple solution can take away grime and grease on most surfaces brought about by your pets or from other sources. It can also clean your pet’s grooming tools and toys (rubber or plastic).

Fresh Lemon

In case the smell of vinegar seems too strong for you, you can try an all-purpose cleaner using lemon juice, which contains organic enzymes. You can use this on household surfaces and it is safe on your pets. Simply mix 3 cups of hot water, 2 tbsp. baking soda, and 2 tbsp. bottled or freshly squeezed lemon juice. After being dissolved, place the solution in an empty spray bottle. Spray on stained surfaces then wipe with a damp, clean cloth.

However, keep in mind not to use vinegar or lemon juice on marble, limestone or travertine surfaces, floors, or counters since the acid in vinegar and lemon juice can damage their surface.

Professional house cleaning services

For flawless cleaning results you may ask the help of professional cleaners. They are skilled and experienced in all types of house cleaning issues, including cleaning up after your pets.