Tips for paper organizing

Paper Organizing

Tired of seeing those piles of papers on your desk? Don’t worry you are not alone. Just like others, you are thinking of ways to get rid of these papers. Paper clutter is one of our worst offenders. If you do not deal with it every day, it accumulates fast and can be totally overwhelming. We have compiled a few tricks to help you in organizing your papers. With these tricks, you will be able to solve your paper clutter problems for good. Here’s how to keep those piles under control.

Go Paperless
The most common pile of papers you will see in every home are bank statements and bills. With the present technology, you can get your bank statements and bills via email. All you need to do is to inform them. This is your first step to declutter your paper.

You can also pay your bills online rather than writing checks. Paying your bills online is much easier. It also gets rid of the need to stock up on stamps and envelopes. You will be surprised how organized your table or desk will be if you do this.

Sorting – Scan, Save, or Recycle
Collect all the papers you find in your house. Make sure you check all the drawers. Dedicate a day to sorting these papers. Scan important documents like medical files, leases, insurance papers, and others before you keep them in a safe place. Save sentimental cards or special photos that you cannot bear to lose. Then, recycle everything else. You should not throw envelopes and papers bearing your complete name and information in the trash without first shredding or tearing them apart.

Create a Filing System
It does not matter what type of filing system you will use, just make sure you choose the one that is right for you. Having a filing system organizes everything. You will have an easy access to papers you need. Since you will be dealing with your documents all year round, make sure your filing cabinets or storage is big enough to accommodate incoming papers.

Consider the space you have before buying new filing equipment. Metal file rails are recommended if you have open desk drawers. You can go for portable file bins if you have enough space for them. If you prefer something where you can view your files easily, choose desk organizers. Label file folders so it will be easier for you to find the documents you need. Be specific on labeling your folders like home, kids, medical, pet, etc. Allocate a bigger space for categories like finances, bills, or tax returns.

Keeping everything organized can make your life simpler and clutter free. Start with paper organizing and the rest will follow.