Packing Part one for a trip

Packing Part one: for a trip

Traveling can be for fun, for business, or for necessity. No matter what the reason for your need or desire to travel, you will want to take items with you that you will need for the time you are gone. Some trips are short, a few days, and some can be for months. And, depending on the climate where you are going, and the type of activities you will be engaging in will primarily determine what you will need to take. However, no matter how long the trip or what season or activities, you will want to pack well, taking what you need in a fashion that requires as little space as possible. Reduced space is especially necessary if you plan to fly. Here are some tips to help you decide what to take and how to pack:

  • Before packing anything, make a list of exactly what items and how many of those items you need to take. Here is where needs and wants must be considered. Needs should come first before wants. Don’t forget such things as gloves for cold weather and sunscreen for hot. Some items will be better purchased at your destination, especially if you plan a long trip.
  • Once you know what you want to take, look over your list to see if anything can be eliminated or if you have forgotten something. Put the list aside for a day and then revisit the list for final consideration.
  • Depending on your mode of travel will determine what type of luggage you can use. But no matter the type, the fewer items you need to carry wherever you go will make traveling easier.
  • Open the luggage and or containers you plan to use and “eyeball” how you think you can pack all you plan to take. Then do a test run.
  • Lay large, flat items such as pants, skirts, shorts, sweaters, and jackets on the bottom. Fold shirts, blouses, and dresses for the next layer. You can roll underwear, nightwear, and socks to place around the edge. Some folks roll all items for maximum packing, but if you do this, be sure the material is wrinkle-resistant, or you will end up with clothes with a lot of wrinkles.
  • If at all possible, put toiletries in a separate bag. Shoes can go in this bag as well. If you are flying, be sure to check the regulations for toiletries.
  • It is best to keep laptops and electronic devices with you to make sure they are safe and kept out of heat, cold, or dampness.
  • Coats and heavy jackets don’t pack well and usually take up a lot of space. Wear them if possible or carry them separately. Rolled up, they make great back supports or pillows.
  • Pack some plastic bags of varying sizes to use for dirty laundry and smaller items you may want to separate from clothing. This is especially important if you must pack toiletries with clothes.
  • Don’t forget an umbrella
  • Make sure your suitcases will close easily as you don’t want one springing open on the route from too much pressure.

Travelling can be a good experience, especially if you have everything you need on the route and when you get to your destination. Take time and thought with your packing, and you will find it well worth the effort as your trip will go a whole lot smoother.