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Mistakes to Avoid While Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning time is coming up. With the seasonal change, many people want their homes looking and feeling fresh for the spring and summer months as these are months usually filled with parties, get-togethers, and entertaining. Having your home in top shape for the year is important and helps put you in a better mood from day to day. With longer days your family starts to do more and so starting with a fresh, clean home is important during this time of year. The best methods for spring cleaning will be covered in other articles. In this article, we will take a look at some of the pitfalls and follies you will want to avoid when doing your spring clean.

We start in with the pre-game approach. Before you decide to dive in and get going many experts suggest taking some time to come up with a plan. Having a plan of attack makes a much bigger difference than what you might think. In addition to getting organized, having and completing a plan is inherently satisfying and rewarding. If you treat the situation with all reaction and no plan it can cement the idea in your mind that this is endless and inconvenient to do versus something you can accomplish and get joy out of. So making a plan of how and where you want to start and end is the best option before you even get started. There are many different strategies to consider. Depending on the type of home you are handling you can do anything from moving top to bottom, right to the left, inside to outside, and so on. No matter what works for you make sure you make a plan and stick to it.

There is no getting around it; cleaning is work at the end of the day. Much like work, you will want to avoid double work as much as possible. The main way of doing this while cleaning is to clean in a way that eliminates the need for going back over things. This is related to our first step of making a plan in that your plan should be made with this in mind. As an example cleaning from ceiling to floor is much better than cleaning the ceiling or higher areas last. This is because as you work up things will invariably end up down below that need to cleaned as well. It’s the same with hard floors; you never want to mop or clean yourself into a corner that you then have to walk over everything to get out.

One other common mistake many people make when cleaning is using the wrong cleaning product. The current trend of looking the more environmentally cleaning product is great, and all but one thing that gets lost in that trend is modern effectiveness. Using weaker chemicals for tough grime and stains wastes time and money. It’s important to not hold back during deep cleans like spring cleaning. It’s okay to use organic solutions too of course, but sometimes they aren’t strong enough to take care of the things you need to be cleaned. Another mistake to avoid is combining different chemicals. Not only can this mess up the smell in your home but it can also be dangerous. For instance, vinegar and bleach can cause chlorine gas which can be deadly at high levels.

Spring cleaning is an involved process meant to reset your living space for the year and seasons to come after a long winter. Getting this deep clean right can set the tone in your home for months to come. Avoiding these mistakes will be a huge help in keeping things right and fresh in your home. There are many more mistakes to avoid that we can go over as well and we will most likely revisit this subject in the future.