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Making Cleaning Fun and Enjoyable

Everyone loves a clean home, but no one is particularly thrilled with the work it takes to get there. Much like other things of drudgery in life cleaning the house can be particularly annoying and time-consuming. Fortunately, the stresses of cleaning have given rise to new and innovative ways to make double use of your cleaning time to add a little fun and enjoyment into the process. Here are some of the common and creative ways we have found to make cleaning less of a chore and a little more rewarding.


Music is probably the simplest and oldest method of spicing up your cleaning session. Music can set the mood for the entire task and the aftermath. It can get you pumped up or relaxed and serene. Pumping up the volume on music works well with the relatively mundane task of cleaning. Another perk of music, you have something to dance to. Moving around and dancing while you clean is an excellent way to increase the blood flow and get a little exercise in too. A lot of making cleaning fun is getting something out of it other than the clean house. Extra rewards for yourself are important to personal motivation.


Rewards often go hand in hand with games. Incorporating little games into the cleaning routine is another fantastic way of adding fun. This is also an excellent method to get the other family members involved as well. Games are great incentives for kids, and a great way to avoid a scuffle and to connect with a spouse. One creative and yet simple game to play with the family is to set up a point system with funky rewards. You can make harder tasks earn more points and make the prizes simple and yet desirable. Games can also be a great way to foster competition adding another level of interest and engagement to cleaning. If it is just yourself, you can time yourself doing tasks and see if you can beat your best times. You can also reward yourself with more video games, an extra movie, or a night off cooking.


Learning can be fun too; there are few things as personally rewarding as being able to connect with people on a subject you took the time to learn and understand fully. One way to make your cleaning sessions easier is to use the time to better yourself and learn something new. One new and popular method for doing this is podcasts. Listening to podcasts on politics, science, history, or social affairs can expose you to information that isn’t always available in the mainstream. Other radio shows and documentaries that you can put on will do the same and are great background noise. Listening to a book on tape is another trendy thing to do when you want to slow down and zone out while cleaning. You can get a deeper clean while listening to the majority of a great book.

There are tons of different ways to make cleaning fun, and we hope some of the ones we discussed here sparks some imagination for you as well. There are no rules when it comes to fun and cleaning and what works for you is good enough. As long you’re getting the job done without too much headache it is a mission accomplished.