Keeping your Laundry Room Sanitary and Clean

Keeping your Laundry Room Sanitary and Clean

The laundry room can get messy with clothes scattered here and there ready to be washed. Your primary concern in the laundry room is washing and cleaning your clothes and not really the room itself. However, just like clothes, the laundry room also has to be clean and sanitary so that germs and bacteria won’t linger inside and cause illnesses and allergies. To help keep your laundry room as fresh as your clean clothes, here are some simple steps that you can take.

  1. Wipe clean the shelves using a wet rag. Residues of detergents used in washing clothes can leave the surfaces sticky, which can make them a haven for dust and lint.
  2. By using 2 cups of vinegar on hot cycle, run your machine even without a load. This is an effective way to keep your equipment fresh and clean.
  3. Soak your dryer lint trap in hot water with soap, then scrub to get rid of lint buildup. You can also do this with other detachable parts of your washer and dryer.
  4. Make the outside surface of your washer and dryer shiny by wiping them with glass cleaner.
  5. Take off the hose from your dryer and make use of the vacuum attachment to get rid of lint buildup inside.
  6. With the help of your vacuum attachment, you can clean areas between, behind and under your washing machine and dryer.
  7. Don’t forget to regularly sweep and mop the floors so dirt and dust do not accumulate.
  8. Organize your laundry room and take advantage of the space to make your laundry life easier.
  9. Add more shelves where you can store laundry products such as your detergents, bleach and soap. You can place the shelves right above the washing machine so you can reach them easily.
  10. There are times your laundry area becomes congested with a lot of things inside without you really knowing why they are there in the first place. Go over your things and eliminate those that you don’t use anymore and don’t belong there. Also, put together those things that have similar functions so they are easy to find.
  11. Place the ironing board on your wall after use to allow you to have more free working space. Use bins and baskets in keeping and segregating dirty laundry.
  12. Keep a container or box to store your unused hangers and items left in clothes and pants’ pockets.
  13. Do not forget to place a trashcan inside the laundry room to throw away your tags, lint, garbage and other items that are not of use anymore.
  14. Hang a clothesline to dry those items that can wrinkle easily and those that are not yet dry even by using the dryer.

If your time is limited you can ask help from professional cleaning services. Their experience, up-to-date cleaning tools, and environmentally safe cleaning products will make a profound difference in keeping your laundry room clean and sanitary.

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