Keeping Your Furniture Clean

Keeping Your Furniture Clean

3 Simple steps in maintaining your furniture

Keeping your furniture clean and looking fresh does not just make it attractive and appealing but it can extend its lifespan immensely. Although cleaning the entire house, which includes your furniture, can be an enormous task to take on, it doesn’t have to make you stressful and harassed. Here are some simple steps that can help you in keeping your furniture shiny and clean.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Dirt and dust come and go inside our homes, which can make our furniture dusty and stained over time, that is why you should regularly vacuum to keep it clean all the time. Doing it once or twice a week can significantly keep your furniture from getting worn and unkempt. Make extra effort to clean every crevice and crack. See to it that no coins, toys or any items are stuck in between the cushion. You can take the cushions off to have a better look and vacuum the inside as well.

Use Cleaning Solutions Applicable to Fabric Type

Your furniture can come in different fabric materials and it is best to know exactly what type it is before you clean to avoid any damage. Look for the tag on your furniture and check what cleaning solutions are applicable and safe to use and what is not. Like in the case of spills, before applying any cleaning solution, take time to check if the tag says WS, S, X or W. WS denotes that you need to use a water-based or a water-free cleaning solution while S means only water-free solution is applicable like a dry solvent cleaner. The letter X requires professional cleaning, meaning you need a professional cleaner to get rid of the spill. And there’s the letter W, which simply means a water-based cleaning solution has to be applied. Knowing the kind of fabric can help you in buying your desired furniture since the ones with the X tag can be more demanding and expensive to clean.

Quick Solution on Stains or Spills

The best way to prevent exhaustive cleaning sessions especially when spills happen such as wine spills is by blotting them right away before they spread around your furniture. Do not scrub or rub as it can cause the spills or stains to extend to other areas. Blotting can help absorb some of the liquid. After that pour a small amount of salt on top of the stain. It will help soak up the liquid a lot sooner than using some other piece of fabric. For wine stains, let the salt stay as it soaks up the wine but if you are able to wash and clean your furniture, do so using dish soap with warm water.

Cleaning furniture by yourself is a nice feeling but there are times when the stains are too much too handle by an amateur like you. Hiring professional cleaning services can be the best option, if you are not satisfied with your own cleaning.

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