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Keeping Patio Furniture Newer Longer

Here’s how to keep your patio furniture clean and lasting longer

Keeping your furniture clean, whether indoor or outdoor should be done to make it last longer. Without proper care of your furniture, it can quickly the age and wear out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning to do the following can keep your patio furniture clean and longer lasting.

Regular Cleaning and Right Cleaning Techniques

Regular cleaning using the right techniques will make your patio furniture last longer. Make a schedule for cleaning once a week or every two weeks. Use different techniques for a variety of furniture. For vinyl, plastic, and aluminum – fill up a pail with hot, soapy water and sponge to scrub it thoroughly. Use your garden hose to rinse off with water and let it dry. Do not use soap on wooden furniture, just use plain water from your hose. Spray with water and wash off all the debris, then wipe down using a clean sponge. Spray again with water and let dry in the sun. Use upholstery cleaner to clean your canvas furniture or you can concoct your own natural cleaning solution. Mix 1 tsp of borax and 1 tsp dishwasher detergent in 1 quart of water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray down thoroughly on your canvas. Let it soak for a few minutes. Rinse with cold, clean water then dry.

Pressure Washing

After keeping your outdoor furniture in storage during winter, expect it may be full of cobwebs and debris when you get it out for use. For sure, you are dreading the task of cleaning it. However, one way of going through the ordeal a lot quicker is by pressure washing. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can rent one from a local home improvement shop. This can save you time and effort. Although pressure washing is faster, use only a low setting in cleaning and be cautious in using detergents because although they can remove tough stains and blemishes, they can also discolor some materials. Carefully read the product instruction before using.

Apply Paste Wax to Prevent Rust

To avoid rust getting into your metal patio furniture, apply paste wax. Be proactive in anticipating that metal furniture can get rusty at some point. To keep rust at bay, paste wax can significantly help. Ideally, the application should be done after buying the furniture and reapplied every time you wash it. Paste wax can be bought at local hardware stores.

Remove Mildew Immediately

No one wants to sit down on a cushion with mildew. Even though your pillows and cushion are made to be waterproof, they still have to be cleaned. Don’t wait until the problem builds up and becomes too hard to solve. Create a cleaning solution by mixing 1 gallon of water with ¾ cup of bleach. Before applying the solution, test an out-of-the-way area of your cushion or furniture first. Most materials can tolerate the solution easily, still, you need to be careful for any negative effect. After you are sure that there are no side effects, apply the solution then wipe off with fresh, cold water.

Make Prompt Repairs

Prompt repair of your furniture can prevent further damage to it. Plastic made furniture can get damaged and cracks can appear. When that happens, you should have it repaired right away. When you notice a small dent, crack, the loose screw, or bolt, try to repair it yourself or if complicated, have an expert do it for you.

Keeping your patio furniture clean and repaired should give you years of good service and pleasure.