Carpets Cleaning

Keeping Carpets Clean can be a Nightmare

Here’s tips and tricks to make it a little easier

Our floorings look classy and elegant when carpets are in place. However, keeping them clean can be stressful and tedious. Let’s face it carpets get dirty over time. And if we just let them be and ignore them, those spills, dirt, dust, snags and other daily accidents can make our carpets look dingy and they become worn out. If you want to make your carpet cleaning a little easier to deal with and not turn into a nightmare, here are tips and tricks that may help you.

Regular Vacuuming

The best way of keeping your carpet clean is to vacuum it regularly. It may seem tiresome, but if you want your carpet to look and stay new, you have no choice but to do it. Vacuuming 2x or 3x a week can get rid of almost 80% of the dirt and debris and can considerably counteract the aging of your carpet.

Choosing the Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the most appropriate vacuum cleaner is very important. When deep-cleaning your carpet, especially if the room is large, it is best to use an upright vacuum. A canister vacuum is good for dusting and a handheld vacuum is best in clearing away small messes or crumbles on your floor. It would be wise if you invest in more than one type of vacuum cleaner in order to handle all types of cleaning issues.

Prune Carpet Snags

Carpets frequently snag over time, especially when you have pets and children around. If this happens, never ever try to pull the snag as it will make the problem worse and can eventually tear your carpet apart. Just trim the base of the snag with scissors to avoid further damage.

Clean up Spills

Spills can happen every now and then but cleaning them needs to be done right away. Apply a cleaning solution on the spills immediately as the longer you delay, the harder the stain is to remove. Next, dab with a clean cloth or paper towel to put pressure on the liquid and help soak it upwards instead of letting the stain set in deeper.

Keep an eye on High Traffic Spaces

Make it a habit to check your hallways, living room and stairs that experience high foot traffic. They need extra attention and you may want to place a rug or mat before stepping on the carpet as a form of prevention. Besides, a mat or rug is a lot easier to wash and replace when they become dirty. Another prevention is to leave your shoes at the doorstep as you enter the house and use slippers while inside.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Although you regularly vacuum to keep your carpet clean, there are still some deep-seated dirt that’s hard to remove and needs some deep cleaning. It is recommended to perform deep cleaning every 6 months to keep your carpets smelling fresh and dirt-free. Steam cleaning can dig out deeply rooted dirt and lingering stains leaving your carpet healthy and looking new.

Often you are not able to thoroughly clean your carpets as you may not have the time or proper equipment. Fortunately, you can hire a professional cleaning service to do the cleaning task for you. They will not only have the proper equipment and cleaning solutions needed, they will have the trained expertise to know how to get the job done in a professional manner.

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