Keeping a porch clean and organized

Is Your Porch Neglected?

Sometimes this is the last area of the house that gets attention. Here’s how to keep your porch looking as neat and tidy as your house.

The porch is a very important part of your house, as it is one way of knowing the personality of the homeowner and how he or she manages their household. It does create a first impression. If the porch is a total mess, then it can mean that the owner is not organized inside as well as out and can be perceived as untidy. To help you in keeping your porch as clean and neat as your house, here are a few steps that you may consider doing.

Regular Maintenance

Porches do require more than just occasional maintenance. If you neglect them, debris and dirt can quickly accumulate and ruin its beauty. Make it a weekly habit to sweep your porch using a well-made and durable outdoor broom. Dust around your windows and doorframes as well. Once or twice a month, take down your light fixture covers and wash them to get rid of any dust or dead insects that may have accumulated over time.

Ceilings and Walls

When seasons change, wipe down cobwebs from your walls, ceilings, and corners. Clean with an all-purpose cleaner and rinse well.

Mopping of Floors

After sweeping the floor, mop your porch using a deck brush to get rid of any dirt, dust, grime, or debris. Use an all-purpose cleaner with hot water. When mildew is present, mix one part oxygen bleach with three parts water. Make sure to keep your hands and eyes protected when cleaning. If you have wood porch floors, it would be more attractive to paint them. Porch paints are generally oil-based and do not usually require a primer coating. These paints are exclusively formulated to hold up very well on wood and can withstand the weather. However, your porch still needs some repainting over time. Before repainting, sand them to roughen up, then sweep any debris or dirt. Clean the floor and once it gets dry, apply paint.

Screened Porch

If you own a screened porch, you may need to clean the screens every season with warm water and all-purpose cleaner without ammonia content. Use a utility brush to scrub as you wash the frame and mesh but go easy and gentle on it. Clean the screens with a garden hose, and let them air dry. When deep cleaning, take away dirt and dust using a hand held vacuum or soft brush.

Your porch is a statement of you, and what better way to show off to your friends and associates than to keep it well maintained and appealing. Now, in cases where you simply do not have time to clean the porch, it is best to hire professional cleaners, as they are well-trained and skilled in cleaning porches. Not only that, they can do the job a lot faster and with more accuracy. While there is a cost involved, it generally doesn’t seem high as by the time you buy proper cleaning equipment and cleaning materials you would already have spent a fair amount of money and then would still have to find the time to get the work done.