How Do I Wax My Wood Floors?

The main purpose of waxing floors is for protection, to add shine, and to have a non-slip surface. To achieve this, you need to apply wax correctly. For a durable, lovely surface, you can wax the floor once or twice a year. In the past, waxing was done by rubbing a paste on the floor with your hands. Now you can use a no-buff wax which you just mop on the floor.

We have included everything you need to know about waxing your hardwood floors in this post.

Reasons Why You Need to Wax Your Floor
Wax is applied to protect and seal your hardwood flooring. To achieve this, you need to choose the right type of wax for your floor. Follow wood manufacturer instructions on how to protect your floor to get rid of the dangerous slippery surface. To avoid accidents, use non skid rug pads under the runners and rugs.

Different Types of Wax and How to Apply
How to wax the floors vary depending on the type of flooring you have. The same thing with the type of wax you should use.
Solid Paste Wax
If you have unvarnished hardwood floors, use old-fashioned wax in a can. In applying the wax, do it by hand for better and longer-lasting shine. Tips on applying:

  • Get a soft lint-free cotton cloth like an old T-shirt. Wet the cloth and remove the excess water to prevent the cloth from absorbing too much wax.
  • Follow the instructions included on the wax package. Wax should be applied lightly and evenly throughout the surface.
  • If you are more comfortable in using soft wax, you can use the liquid counterpart of paste wax.
  • A waxed surface may appear cloudy as it dries. Use a towel, a sponge mop covered with terry cloth, or an electric polisher to buff the floor. Your floor will shine the way you want it to be.

Liquid Wax or Oil
For unvarnished hardwood, you can also use liquid wax or oil. This is much easier to apply as compared to paste wax, but the result does not last as long. Instructions on applying liquid wax or oil:

  • To avoid the wax from soaking in lightly moisten a soft lint-free cloth, a pad of electric floor polisher, or a mop.
  • Apply the wax lightly and evenly. As the wax dries up, the solvent evaporates, leaving the floor shining.
  • After drying the floor, buff using an electric polisher, a sponge mop covered with a terry cloth towel, or a towel.

Waxing wood floors is a big job but when done well will make a difference in the way a room looks. A good wax job will also keep wood floors from surface damage so be sure to make waxing a priority when caring for wood floors.