Hiring Professional Home or Office Cleaning Part two: the office

Hiring Professional Home or Office Cleaning Part two: the office

An office is, in some ways, a home away from home as usually many hours each week are spent there. Offices can employ many or a few people yet each office will need to be kept clean and orderly. Sick days and lowered production will be a direct consequence of an office where germs abound. Areas such as bathrooms and employee lounges are especially vulnerable to germs causing illness. Too, a large amount of dust and even small amounts of mold can trigger allergies in many workers. So, it is vitally important to make sure offices are clean and healthy for those who work there.

But who should keep the office clean? Should it be the workers themselves or should the cleaning be handled by a professional cleaning service? Some offices have a cleaning roster to share the various jobs on a rotating basis. But, does having employees do the cleaning really get the job done as it should be done? At what point should an employer seriously consider having a professional cleaning service? To help with this decision, the following list of questions can be considered when determining the answer:

  • How much “office” is there to clean? In other words, is there an office bathroom—some buildings have a bathroom for several offices to share which is cleaned by professionals hired by the building management. What about an employee lounge? If your office has one, that area needs special attention.
  • Does anyone have a problem with asthma or severe allergies?
  • Are there windows to the outside that will need cleaning?
  • Is the office carpeted as carpet needs professional cleaning in order to clean stains and get out deep-down dirt?
  • Is there a clause in the employee’s contract requiring some cleaning as without this, an employee may feel “put-upon” and resent a “post-hiring’ cleaning assignment.
  • Do you feel the employees will do a thorough job of getting dust and germs eliminated?
  • How many sick days do employees take on average?
  • Do you notice a drop in performance or production, especially around the flu and cold season?
  • Do customers and or clients come into the office area?
  • Is there a reception area needing to be cleaned as well as the office(s)?
  • What is your cleaning budget? Make a comparison of how much you spend on cleaning supplies and paying employees to clean during their shift and compare this with what a professional cleaner would cost.

Once you have answered the above questions, you will be better able to determine if your office would benefit from a professional cleaning. When deciding on a cleaning service check several in your area that is bonded and insured and have high recommendations. Ask other business owners who they use. You can also go online and read websites of cleaning services in your area. Should you live in the Ocala area, Cassie’s Meticulous Touch has been in business since 2000 and is highly recommended. They offer a free estimate. Call 1-352-316-0513 if you have any questions and to make an appointment for an estimate.

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