cleaning services - valentines day gift card

Happy Valentines Day! A Gift Card for Cleaning Services?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
A cleaning gift card
Is just right for you!

From a woman’s point of view, the answer is an astounding YES! Even a man will appreciate a clean home and especially a happy wife when she has not had to do the cleaning herself. On top of that, you will get 40% off your first cleaning service from Cassie’s Meticulous Touch!

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time when we try to show our loved ones just how special he or she is. Putting one’s self in the shoes of a loved one is often the way to figure out what would be the best and most appropriate gift. Most women enjoy a clean home but in all honesty, don’t really enjoy doing the cleaning. Receiving a gift certificate with a 40% off the first cleaning as a Valentine gift from their special man is bound to make a great impression.

And, if you live in Ocala Florida or surrounding area, there is a cleaning service that is exceptional and will not only do the job but do it above and beyond the homemaker’s expectation. Cassie’s Meticulous Touch, named the Gold Star of cleaning services, is so named as they will do a meticulous job in a home, taking care of each room and the contents needing to be cleaned. Additionally, they do windows and floor stripping and waxing.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to come home to a house cleaned from top to bottom. All your appliances will be sparkling, your shelves and knick-knacks dusted, your sinks, tub and toilet stain free and sanitized, every room vacuumed, and even over-the-door jams wiped clean. Fingerprints will be gone from walls, doors, and stairways. You will feel like a new person as your home will look and feel like new.

Cassie’s has been in business successfully for over 10 years, is bonded and insured, and can supply you with customer recommendations you can check on. All the workers are professionally trained not only in housekeeping skills but in courteous manners as well. As a supporter of our environment, Cassie’s uses environmentally friendly cleaning products which not only protect our earth, they protect and are safe for our families and pets.

So remember, when you are trying to figure out what to get your special homemaker for Valentine’s Day, give a Cassie’s Meticulous Touch gift certificate with a 40% discount for the first cleaning.

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