Get Your Children Involved in cleaning

Get Your Children Involved

Get Your Children Involved

Here’s 10 ways you can do to teach your children good cleaning habits as well as getting a little help for yourself

Being a parent is a big responsibility and requires a lot of patience, especially when taking good care of children. Generally children imitate what their parents do on a daily basis. One of the most important things parents should teach their children is to have good cleaning habits. It can be very frustrating to see your children playing with their toys and just leaving the clutter all over the house. Teaching them good cleaning habits is a lot of work and you need to exert extra effort to really make your point. You have to make them realize that good cleaning habits are a serious matter. It is also a way to help them be responsible as they mature. There are ways you can teach your children good cleaning habits and here are some of them.

  1. Set up a schedule for cleaning regularly. Do it in the morning, when the children get home from school, and before going to bed. Do this everyday and sooner or later you will see they are getting used to it.
  2. Provide children separate drawers to keep their personal things in. Shelves, with containers for storage, and bookcases are also helpful. Sometimes children don’t clean their room because they really don’t know where to put their clothes or belongings.
  3. Help them to organize their rooms and help them to put everything in its proper place. You can ask your children to label each drawer and container as a reminder of where items should be placed. If children can’t read yet, tape a picture of what item belongs where.
  4. Teach children proper hygiene. Teach them they need to take a bath regularly and brush their teeth in the morning and at night.
  5. Post a checklist in the children’s’ bedroom or even on the bathroom door for morning and evening routines. Doing so will help remind children of their duties. Again, pictures can be used in place of words.
  6. Help them understand that having a clean environment is a must to maintain a healthy mind and heart and this can be accomplished by being tidy and organized with their things.
  7. Do not postpone cleaning. Remember, the longer you wait to clean your house the harder it is to clean it. It is the same with the children’s mess. Teach them to pick up their toys after playing, pick up the dishes after eating, tidy their bedroom by making their beds upon waking up, and putting away their school supplies after finishing a project.
  8. Help them accomplish a task one at a time so they can focus on one chore and get it done before doing another one.
  9. Set a good example for your children by keeping your part of the house clutter-free and organized.
  10. You may reward your children after a job well done. Think of unique ways to reward them to boost their confidence. Some ideas other than money could be taking them on an outing, fixing their favorite meal, or playing board games with them. They will be happy you appreciate their efforts.

Whatever schedule you choose to put into action, keep in mind that consistency is important as well as patience, and being gentle when teaching your children.