Making room for art and craft supplies

Finding and Making Storage for Your Arts and Crafts

You are done organizing your papers, the next thing you have in mind is to find and make storage for your arts and crafts. This is not easy, particularly if you have limited storage space. You should think of something that will help you organize your craft and art supplies efficiently and effectively. We want to help you with your organizing and storing problems, thus we have come up with some ideas that might suit you. Here are storage ideas that really work!

The universal law in storing is to group like items together. This also applies to your arts and crafts. Group paints, wooly fabrics, cutting tools, silky fabrics. etc. together in a storage container. After grouping everything together, the next thing you need to do is to label each container, so you can find what you need easily.

Go for Transparency
You can use transparent or semi-transparent storage containers to keep your items. Using transparent boxes with covers may not be as appealing as utilizing boxes with attractive colors, but it saves a lot of time if you are looking for something as you can easily see what is inside. Canning jars are inexpensive and convenient, or you can recycle glass or clear plastic jars for small crafts. These jars are also useful for storing paint brushes, giving them air to dry.

Open Containers
Open containers will help keep your everyday arts and crafts item organized. The best solution for this is the pegboard with adjustable baskets. You can place items like markers, magnets, rubber bands, loose stamps, and hot glue in the right place. You can easily reach these items if you need to.

Tool Box
This is yet another great option for storing craft supplies and you can take your crafts out easily when needed. Toolboxes are available in different shapes and sizes. They are readily available in dollar stores so this type of storage is not expensive. Toolboxes usually have handles which makes it nice if you need to take your supplies away from your storage area.

Many people use clear plastic storage containers with drawers. These clear drawers let you see what is inside easily. You can place other containers inside each drawer to hold small craft supplies. It is also best if you label each drawer. Often one set of drawers can be set atop another set to maximize your use of space. If you choose open shelves, you can use stackable storage bins. Shoe boxes and clear plastic storage boxes make great storage containers which fit nicely on shelves and can be stacked one on the other to the height of the shelf.

A plastic, clear, over-the-door shoe organizer is also a good idea. The pockets are a great way to keep craft supplies in place and they do not occupy shelf and drawer space.

The above ideas can help you store your art and craft supplies easily. All you need is to find the right place and the best storage for each supply you have. Organized storage will mean the next time you need to use your supplies you can find and reach them easily.