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Easy Ways To Change the Smell of Your Home

You might not always notice it when everything is clean, normal and fresh, but you will notice it when its off, plain, or bad. That is the smell and fragrances of your home. The scent of your home is very important, and over time we fall into methods that promote scents and smells we like. Every little cleaning task we do around the home has some sort of smell associated with it that contribute to the overall scent profile of your home. There are many different ways to manage scent in your home. Here are some of the fun and interesting tricks we found for taking control of your home’s special scent.

One trick that is ancient and simple involves a stove, a pot, and everyday sources of scents that you like. Stove simmers involve the use of a small amount of simmering water boiling in a pan with something like cinnamon in it. The mixture slowly steams off and is a great way to get the home smelling like just-baked apple pie or cinnamon rolls. You can simmer anything you like for the same effect. Its advisable to have a separate pan for this from your cookware. Another fun twist on this is to simmer the water separately from another jar or durable waterproof container that contains oranges, dried fruits, or flowers then to add the water as sort of catalyst to briefly bring the smell out during events. This idea is great for the fall and winter holidays.
Some maintenance related tips regarding smell involve simple cleaning and an eye for obscure details. One often ignored spot that can be a source of an unpleasant smell is your garbage disposal. Vinegar and baking soda soaking with running warm water work great against smells. Also, be sure to wipe the inside walls of the disposal with paper towels to dislodge built-up debris. And don’t forget the time-honored baking soda in the fridge trick to help keep odors from developing in your refrigerator.

There are a couple of fun ways to use common items in uncommon ways to create a fresh smelling atmosphere in the home. One spot to look out for is your air vents. A lot of people like to use car air fresheners up in the vents as a quick little trick. Dryer sheets are another great item that can help bolster a nice smelling home. Some homemakers like to hide dryer sheets in closets, dressers, and spaces that store linens. This is a great way to add sources of good smells in a very subtle and impactful way.

Of course, the two most common ways to get a fresh scent in the home are to bring fresh plants indoors or to make use of potpourris and essential oils. Indoor plants do much more than adding color and beauty to the home as they also bring in consistent and fresh scents with them. Potpourris and essentials oils around the house are another time-honored traditions that do the trick as well and will work even better in conjunction with other smell management techniques.

Getting your home to have a pleasant and engaging scent is easy if with these little tips and tricks. Smell is the most often ignored aspect of home cleaning but potentially one of the most important. The scent has been proven to be a powerful source for the recollection of memories. So promoting positive energy and memories with fine scents is a path to a happy and welcoming home.