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Common Etiquette For Dealing With Your Housekeeper

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when new people enter your home. This is especially true in professional situations as well. When it comes to hiring services and professionals to handle tasks around the home you might get a little stressed and worry about how you’re going to handle this and what changes this might bring to your lifestyle. Fear not! You are not alone in this worry and many people who are new or even experienced with hiring a housekeeper to feel this very same thing. It never becomes normal to have new people in your home and handle your things and living space. Fortunately, the universal nature of this little worry in life has led to a simple common etiquette. We have found some of the most common forms of etiquette that will hopefully help you relieve the worry and stress of hiring someone new to come into your home for a cleaning service.

Now, to begin, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid grasp on the work you need to be done. For instance, if you are hiring for a relatively light or ground floor cleaning where you just want the surfaces and floors done then your best off clearing any clutter that you don’t expect the housekeeper to deal with. Another situation that comes up is the need to clean hard-to-reach places. The same principle applies in that you’ll want to make the area as accessible as possible before the professionals arrive.

The trick to hiring a cleaning service is having a clear vision in your head of what you need done and then figuring out the best way to communicate that. The communication is tricky because it can be difficult to translate your vision in the right words to a new person in a new environment. There’s a natural loss of data during the communication process that can be minimized with relative ease. The vital role that communication plays cannot be understated. Often the root of any negative experiences people have with the cleaning service comes from a lack of or just poor communication Writing expectations down for the housekeeper to read can help.

Now the real meat of the etiquette comes down to respect. Some general standards of respect can make the entire process near effortless. No matter how you cut it, hiring a cleaning service is a personal and very human to the human transaction. A great example of this is being just as aware of your cleaner’s limits and needs as they are of yours. Many cleanings are scheduled within specific time frames. You should try to stay aware of these constraints so as not to unnecessarily over-burden your cleaner with the added stress of being late or absent with other clients that help them form their business. Don’t be afraid to offer food and drink. Friendly gestures go a long way in this more personal working relationship.

The combination of proper preparation, communication, and respect, can make everything about hiring a stranger to clean your home much easier and less stressful for you. Finally when it comes to tipping the experts and honest professionals will, of course, tell you it is not expected or required. Throughout our research, though, we have found that the best working housekeeping relationships thrive under mutual respect and gift giving. Tipping regularly or even at year’s end with a bonus is a fantastic way to communicate your satisfaction and incentivize continued amazing work.

Speaking of shiny and clean, we move to some of the more precious items in the home. Whether its silverware, brass fittings, or copper items, white vinegar is good for polishing and cleaning the precious metals around your home. In addition to cleaning utensils and or metal objects vinegar also acts as a fantastic disinfectant.
The wonders of vinegar are nearly endless. With its rich history of use dating back to more ancient times, vinegar is a great tool for your arsenal of cleaning your home with as little problems as possible. Vinegar is versatile, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. This remarkable liquid will turn your cleaning life around with practice and patience.

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