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Cleaning Your Car

If diamonds are a girls’ best friend, men do have their own best friend too, and that is their cars. Owning a car is a wise investment if you know how to take care of it. If you can maintain and keep your car dirt-free, it will help maintain its value and lessen repair expenses. There are times we tend to forget cleaning our cars because of too many things we need to attend to. If left uncleaned, cars can easily accumulate dust, dirt, and even rust. We need to take responsibility in keeping our vehicles spic and span. Below are some tips that may be of help in cleaning your vehicle.

  1. Remove dust and dirt by wiping all hard surfaces with auto or baby wipes. Keep extras in your glove compartment for spur-of-the-moment cleaning situations.
  2. Most of the time children eat and leave their mess inside the car whether snack foods, nuts or toys. Similarly, adults leave cans of soda, bottles of drinks, tissues, and a lot more. You can see them scattered all over the car floor. Get rid of all the clutter and trash. Then remove floor mats or carpet coverings and vacuum the interior and trunk for a thorough cleanup. Wipe down hard surfaces as well.
  3. As you often cannot avoid having to eat in the car, keep your food contained by placing a caddy for holding drinks and a plastic, disposable bag for trash.
  4. Since your car is being used most every day, the clutter will eventually pile back up so you need to do a regular maintenance, even for a few minutes. Inspect the entire car and throw away any trash left behind and bring inside your home items that belong there such as gloves, cups, books, etc.
  5. People who are always on the go usually bring their coffee with them and just leave it in the car’s cup holder as they go about their activities. These cup holders can also accumulate dirt and dust and need to be cleaned. You can wipe your holder with a cleaning solution or a clean cloth dipped in water then scrub until the stain is gone. Care for your cup holder by placing a coaster at the bottom for a more personal touch and to make it easier to clean.
  6. Make use of organizers to keep your things more systematized. You can put one inside the trunk for shopping bags, sports gear and groceries and another one at the back of the front seat for your children’s things.
  7. You may have important documents you need wherever you go such as insurance policies, registration papers, or even a list of emergency contact numbers. Try to keep them all inside a folder and put them inside the car’s glove compartment.
  8. Of course don’t forget to wash the outside of your car one section at a time. You can start from the roof and work your way down. Rinse with water before applying soap again. There are special soaps for washing vehicles but ordinary dish soap is fine to use
  9. Use soft cloths to thoroughly dry your vehicle before applying the wax. Scrub hubcaps and tire rims and polish with soft cloths as well.
  10. Apply wax for a shiny look and to protect the finish. Polish by hand or use an orbital polisher.

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