Children and Toys What a Mess

Children and Toys, What a Mess

Organizing your child’s toys correctly can save a lot of time and mess in the long run.

Let’s face it, toys are one of the most important pleasures for our children. These fun, non-living objects can make our children very happy and in turn make parents happy as they enjoy watching their children play. Although we adore our children as they play with their toys, we can’t ignore the fact that too much clutter around the house can be somewhat dangerous to them and the whole family not to mention the confusion it can cause.

Organizing your children’s toys correctly and keeping them all in a safe place is very important. Teaching your children to organize their toys can make them more responsible in doing things. Furthermore, giving them the chance to do it on their own can help them to have self-discipline. Let them understand that in order for them to find their toys easily they must put them away in an organized manner. Here are some steps on how you and your child can work together and organize their toys.

First step is to de-clutter. Dispose of toys that are already broken, those that are not used anymore, and toys that they have already outgrown. You can give away to relatives, friends or neighbors those that are still in good condition, but if you still have younger children then you can save those toys for future use. Put them away for now in a labeled box.

Second step is to group together similar items. Children usually buy toys that are somehow alike in use such as toy cars, robots, gadgets, dolls, and games. Using a container, basket, or a box, place toys in their proper places according to their use so they will be easy to find. Store them in the children’s playroom, closet, or bedroom. Make this a routine so that eventually it will become a habit to them. Start implementing a “one at a time item” rule in order for them to discipline themselves when it comes to playing with their toys. Put away one toy or group of toys, example blocks, doll clothes, action figures, cars, etc. before taking out more.

Third step is to make a habit of cleaning up everyday even if it is for just a few minutes. Get your children to help you in sorting and arranging the toys and putting them in the box or basket on a regular basis. You may label the containers so it is easier to find where to put them.

In all these steps, make sure your children are part of it so they will become more responsible in caring not only for their toys but for other things as well. Doing this will not only make your home more comfortable but will help build a lifetime of good habits in your children.

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