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Is Dust Making You Sick

Is Dust Making You Sick?

If you are feeling stuffy all the time and don’t know why, you may find that the cause is the dust in your house. Here’s how dust can affect your health and make you miserable. Let’s face it we... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
Organize Your Closets

Organize Your House, Organize Your Life Part 3

Oh those closets! Here’s how to easily organize your closets. One of the most frequented and most used part of the house, particularly in the bedroom, is none other than our closet. This is the... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
Green Cleaning Part 2

Green Tips Part 2

Here are 5 tips to ensure an environmentally safe cleaning for your home Keeping your family safe, healthy, and protected comes in various forms and one way of doing it is by making sure your house... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
Clean Office

What Does a Clean Office Have to do With Repeat Business?

Everything! And here’s why it is so important to leave a “clean” impression on your clients. Imagine yourself working in a not so clean office, sitting in a not so organized desk, and with a... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
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Do You Have VCT Tiles In Your Place of Business?

Keeping up with the buffing and waxing can impact how your clients feel when they walk into your office. Vinyl Composition Tile, also known as VCT is a tile created using vinyl colored PVC (polyvinyl... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
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Buffing Tile Floors

Here are 10 tips to a beautiful shine! Business owners make it a point to keep their office surroundings clean and well-maintained, particularly the tile floors, as they want to make a good... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
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Yuck! Window Cleaning Time?

Tips and solutions for making the job a little easier. For some people, window cleaning can be a dirty and tedious job and often taken for granted, whether at home or in the office. But are you aware... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago

Does The Cleanliness of Your Office Affect Your Business?

Why disinfecting and keeping everything spic and span is important to your patients. Imagine yourself going to the doctor for a check-up, however his clinic is a sight for sore eyes, so to speak.... Read More
Posted: 7 years ago
Germs in Your Office Environment?

Germs in Your Office Environment?

Where are they hiding and how to take control! Preserving the cleanliness of your workplace is not just good for business but also beneficial for your staff. The main rationale behind why office... Read More
Posted: 8 years ago


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