Building the home of your dreams part five

Building the Home of Your Dreams Part five: the living room, dining room, and family room

These are the rooms folks use mainly in the daylight hours. Almost all homes have a living room, but a dining room and family room can be options. So, depending on the makeup of the people who will live in the home, you can determine which of these rooms will be needed. Too, the cost can be a factor in adding more rooms that aren’t absolutely necessary. However, just in case you will have all three rooms in your dream home, this blog will give helpful hints for each.

Living room: Large or small, this is the main room outside the kitchen where people meet together to relax, communicate (in many cases today, use their I phone), and watch TV. Obviously, this room should contain comfortable furniture for sitting for longer periods of time than around a kitchen or dining room table. End tables and perhaps a coffee table is nice, especially if people can eat in the living room. If eating is to occur, it is wise to have furniture that won’t become marked or stained if something wet is set on it. Couches with recliners and separate recliners are popular for living rooms. A fireplace can also be a welcome addition to a living room, be it wood-burning, gas, or electric. Depending on outside views available will help determine if windows should be large or small. Living rooms should be bright and cheery, and natural light is good for this need. Attractive table lamps, ceiling fans, and ceiling lights will add to the welcoming effect. Flooring can be with or without carpet as personally desired. If there is no carpet, throw rugs are nice. If older folks will be living in the home, be sure to watch rugs that can slide or slip. TVs and music systems are usually found in living rooms.

Dining room: Many of today’s homes no longer have a dining room. However, if you will be entertaining numbers of people or have a large family, it helps to have a separate area where everyone can eat together. There are a variety of table and chair combinations to choose from, and a sideboard or hutch is often used effectively in the dining room. A window is nice, too, but an attractive dining room can be on the interior with no window but lots of creative lighting, especially overhead. Chandeliers have been traditionally used in dining rooms for beauty and light. Floors can be with or without carpets.

 Family room: Especially when there are children living in a home, a family room is a fun place to gather for games, reading, watching TV, and playing with toys. If there are small children low shelves for books and toys will keep messes to a minimum. A small, child-size table and chairs are helpful to allow small children a place to color, use playdough, and eat when others are eating on larger furniture. TV tables are good to have for family room meals. Windows are lovely to add an outdoors atmosphere as well as natural light. Floors probably shouldn’t be carpeted as this room, of all places, will get the most spills.

As you design these rooms think of the people who will be using them. What are they like? Do they enjoy interacting, or do they prefer to keep to themselves? What ages are they? Is the home to be simple or ornate in the theme? Will there be many guests and much entertaining? The answers to these questions will help decide how best to create the daily living spaces best suited to you, your family, and your budget.