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Helping Children Take Part in Keeping a Home Clean

Ideas for Encouraging Children’s Help With Home Cleaning Chores

This article is for families where there are children from the age of 8 months to 18 years. Children who, in many instances, are the reason a lot of cleaning chores need to be done in the first... Read More
Posted: 5 months ago
How to Use Color to Set the Mood

Colors Affect Our Moods

It has been said that you are what you think and, in some respects, the same can be said you are what you see. There have been numerous studies over the years relating to the effect of color on how a... Read More
Posted: 6 months ago
Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool

Summer is here with a vengeance. Weather reports across the country are talking about a dome of heat covering most of the nation with small relief in sight. Add to that the restrictions still in... Read More
Posted: 6 months ago
Celebrating the Fourth of July in 2020

Suggestions for Celebrating July 4th in 2020

Life is different this year than last year at this time. While it will still be July 4th, the birthday of our nation and a special day for celebration much has happened in recent months to change... Read More
Posted: 7 months ago
Ways to Have Fun While Staying Home

Have Fun at Home

Ever since the COVID 19 “stay at home” order has been in place, people from every walk of life and every style of the living arrangement have been relegated to staying in their homes. Unless a... Read More
Posted: 7 months ago
Create Good Scents for Your Home

Scents Make Sense

The human nose was made to smell; good smells, bad smells, and somewhere in between smells. Everyone knows the pleasure of smelling a good, homecooked meal when they enter their home tired and... Read More
Posted: 7 months ago
Hints for Packing Well Part three: the move

Packing Part Three: Ready To Move

You have gone through your home and decided what to keep and take with you on your move. Lists have been made so you know approximately how many packing containers or boxes you need and how much... Read More
Posted: 8 months ago
Packing Part two getting ready for a move

Packing Part Two: Getting Ready For A Move

Packing for a move, whether it is across the street or across the nation, is likely one of the most strenuous parts of a move. Hopefully, you will have at least a few days to plan and accomplish this... Read More
Posted: 8 months ago
Packing Part one for a trip

Packing Part one: for a trip

Traveling can be for fun, for business, or for necessity. No matter what the reason for your need or desire to travel, you will want to take items with you that you will need for the time you are... Read More
Posted: 8 months ago
Cleaning the Old-Fashioned Way

Cleaning the Old-Fashioned Way

Cleaning is cleaning and something that must be done, be it in a home or office. And yet, there are choices as to what is the best way to clean and what cleaning products one chooses to use. For most... Read More
Posted: 9 months ago


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