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More Alternate Uses of Everyday Items For Cleaning

In our previous article on cleaning hacks, we covered three different ways to use everyday items for quicker and easier cleaning. Tricks like these are great for tackling cleaning problems that have annoying or preventative attributes. Also, they are great for saving money on the different recommended cleaning tools available on the market. These tricks… Read More

Alternate uses of everyday items for cleaning

The modern age of information and the internet has made a huge impact on the variation and availability of different cleaning tools. There are all sorts of new gadgets, innovations, and inventions coming all the time. Many of them are specialized and excellent while others are general and effective as well. For the most part,… Read More

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Common Etiquette For Dealing With Your Housekeeper

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when new people enter your home. This is especially true in professional situations as well. When it comes to hiring services and professionals to handle tasks around the home you might get a little stressed and worry about how you’re going to handle this and what changes this might… Read More

Commercial Cleaning Tips

The Wonder of Vinegar

Ever wonder what in the world they are putting into your common household cleaning products? No problem the most popular ones from our research tell us that it is simply, Phthalates, Perchloroethylene, Triclosan, Butoxyethanol, chlorine, sodium hydroxide. Don’t worry, None of those things should sound familiar to most normal people. Now cleaning products do work… Read More

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Cleaning tips for your shades and blinds

Sometimes it’s not always a chore to clean the house. Cleaning can be relaxing and cathartic at times. However, there are a couple of cleaning tasks that are universally dreaded. One of those little cleaning tasks that most people simply do not enjoy is cleaning the window coverings in the home. This will most likely… Read More

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Everything About Mold and Carpets

There is one aspect of cleaning that garners a mix of fear and seriousness from almost everyone is familiar with it. The dreaded mold is always on the minds of any homeowner or professional cleaners. Mold can cause a host of serious negative problems for your family or workspace. Common ailments or increases in allergies… Read More