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An Awesome Everyday Cleaning Machine

For a lot of people, there are times when cleaning your house can feel relaxing and calming. Sure, sometimes cleaning is associated with stress and inconvenience but sometimes that isn’t the case as well. Cleaning can also be a relaxing and settling activity that can help to balance out a day. To achieve easier and more calming cleaning sometimes the efficiency and effectiveness of the tools you are using have a significant impact on your ability to put the process on a sort of meditative auto-pilot. One aspect of cleaning that many people find relaxing is vacuuming. Vacuuming isn’t for everyone though, and it can be tough depending on the vacuum you use. Many of the most commonly used vacuums are large, bulky, heavy, with limited mobility. In this article, we will take a look at a variation on this old tool that can make a big difference in your typical cleaning routine.

There are few distinct styles of vacuums that include:

Traditional uprights, canister, wall-based, and handhelds, with a few other types of unique styles as well. For regular residential home use, the traditional uprights and canisters typically rule the daily home cleaning regimen. These two types are great for getting large areas of open floor cleaned up as fast as possible. The real challenge comes when you need to get into tighter spaces, or you don’t want to use the less maneuverable and heavy vacuum for a simpler vacuum job. The best cleaner for the job is a mixture between the upright nature of the traditional vacuum and the smaller portable style of the handheld vacuums. In many vacuum sections, there are usually 2-3 types of stick vacuums that fall into this category. These are typically cheaper and much simpler. This is the tool that will do wonders around your home for efficiency and ease of use.

One of the problems with the traditional vacuum types is the intake portion. Most of the expensive larger vacuums use a roller in the head that helps scrub and pick up debris. Stick vacuums forgo this option for direct suction power. This is fantastic for families with pets. Hair tends to clog up those traditional brush rollers and can sometimes prevent good cleaning from the vacuum. The simplicity of the stick vacuum eliminates this problem. The simple setup is a direct suction into the receptacle with nothing in the way of the debris on the floor and the ending canister. Many of these vacuums are just slightly modified versions of the handheld vacuums. This direction suction design is excellent for sticky pet hair, and other tough to pick up items that seem only to get swooshed around by traditional vacuums.

The other pros of this design are just how easy it is to handle and use. Stick vacuums are very lightweight and can reach crevices and small corners not just on the floor but behind and on top of furniture or higher areas. The maneuverability of this vacuums is unparalleled. Traditional vacuums have hose attachments and options, but these are after too small a service area or loose power from the long hose to the source of the suction. Also, you still have to carry around the bulky base of the regular vacuum while trying to use the hose.

Stick vacuums are best used for hard floors and shallow carpets. You can still spruce up the edges on thicker carpet too. These vacuums are great for and small enough to use on many different surfaces and areas. It can save you from using paper towels to wipe things down or pick up piles of swept up debris too. Investing in a smaller, direct suction stick vacuum is a great idea for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently vacuum their home.