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Alternate uses of everyday items for cleaning

The modern age of information and the internet has made a huge impact on the variation and availability of different cleaning tools. There are all sorts of new gadgets, innovations, and inventions coming all the time. Many of them are specialized and excellent while others are general and effective as well. For the most part, this innovation drives technology and frees up time for the average consumer to enjoy the finer things in life. There are some downsides to this though, as there are with most things in life. For instance, the market is near flooded with all sorts of different products and options. Sometimes the cost versus benefit and effort simply doesn’t make sense, and many other bad products can get through to the market confusing consumers even more. But, another thing to take into consideration is just convenience and availability. Another great thing the internet has brought though is a proliferation in the sharing of unique and uncommon tricks and life hacks for cleaning. In this article, we go over 3 of the best cleaning hacks that use everyday items for simpler cleaning around the home.

The first cleaning hack we researched is near and dear to many of our fellow pet owners out there. Pet hair is a well-known and constant annoyance for most pet owners. Dander, allergies, and mess are the result of uncleaned hair in the home. However, hair is challenging to stay on top of. This is especially true with furniture. There are a lot of different brushes and gadgets in pet stores and superstores across the country. Sometimes though this is an item we don’t always think to get and relying on the traditional lint roller for entire couch can add up in cost. One good option is a static spray to loosen hair from furniture making it easy to sweep off. If you don’t have a special brush, rubber gloves and dry squeegees can work wonders as well.

Speaking of lint rollers, they and other common household items can be great cleaning tools as well. For families out there with kids finding quick and easy ways to clean up craft materials or even things like shattered and broken objects. One significant hazard common to any home is broken glass. It is especially important to thoroughly clean up broken glass, platers, or lights but it’s not always easy to get some of the finer and insidious pieces. One of the easiest ways to clean up the hard to reach spots and generally make sure you got the last of the swept up glass a lint roller. This will save the day and keep your family safe.

Sometimes during the typical cleaning routine, you might come across a tough stain or harsh residue buildup of some sort. Typically, this might call for a hard-bristled brush or even steel wool. Sometimes those items aren’t available, or they aren’t strong enough to fight the situation. One common household item you might have on hand is aluminum foil. Balling up and shaping some foil can give you the extra edge in scraping out the tough stuff without worrying too much about damaging the surface your cleaning. This can be especially useful in a ton of different situations that you might not normally be able to clean at all. The abrasive nature of the foil with the soft give of it in a balled-up shape make for an effective combination in many different cleaning situations.

There are many different tricks and hacks for various household items that you can use to clean around the home. Some are great for safety concerns, and some are good just for the sheer convenience factor alone. Some can help get you out of a tight bind when you can’t leave to go to the store right away or afford the more expensive cleaning gadget. We will explore more of these helpful cleaning tricks in future blogs.