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10 Natural Mosquito Repellents: No Harm Giving Them a Try, Literally!

Guess which is the most dangerous animal in this world -lion, tiger, snake, golden poison frog, saltwater crocodile, African buffalo or Cone Snail? None of them, it is the ‘Mosquito’.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has termed mosquitoes as the ‘most dangerous animals’ in the world, causing millions of death each year. Humans though, often seen to neglect this threat or have a casual approach in dealing with mosquitoes in daily lives, until it attacks them with any of these deadly diseases – Dengue, Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya, West Nile, or Yellow fever. The Aedis aegypti mosquito is the main transmitter of these life-threatening diseases to humans.

Almost, 4,38,000 people died of Malaria in 2015. Dengue is growing and endemic in almost over 128 countries with over 3.9 million people at risk. At Governmental level, deployment of Long Lasting Insecticidal nets (LLINs) and Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) is done often, however, this is never enough for the world at large.

It is advisable that an individual is self-equipped with control remedies to protect from the deadly vector borne diseases caused by mosquitoes. There are many chemical based insecticides available in the market, however, they can have corresponding side-effects on the human body. So, it is always good to use natural mosquito repellents for an all-around health protection.

Below are some home-made natural repellents that one can use to protect from mosquitoes.

    1. Grow Sweet-Grass in Home
      Researchers have identified two natural chemicals in this aromatic herb which is traditionally used by Americans to ward off the troubling insects.
    2. Burning Camphor with Olive in Home
      Camphor is a terpenoid with a strong chemical aroma. The fumes of burning camphor and olive together can quickly ward off the mosquitoes in your home, while also purifying the home. Camphor contains maximum amounts of mosquito repellent compound.
    3. Tulsi Leaves
      Tulsi plant in India is considered to be one of the most beneficial plants due to its scientific properties. Tulsi leaves when kept in your pocket, help to ward off the mosquitoes due to its natural repellent properties. It is good to have Tulsi shrub in the house.
    4. Lemon and Clove Combination
      Keeping 6 cloves in each two cut parts of a lemon can help ward off the mosquitoes in minutes. The mixture of lemon juice and clove oil produce a mosquito repellent solution.
    5. Crushed Garlic
      Crushing a few Garlic pods and then boiling them in water makes the water a perfect anti-mosquito solution. Spray this solution in the room to keep mosquitoes away. Eating garlic also throws garlic oil from the skin, the smell of which is hated by mosquitoes.
    6. Mixture of Neem, Coconut and Olive Oil
      Neem has antibacterial properties. Applying the mixture of neem, coconut oil, and olive oil on the body can help in keeping mosquitoes away.
    7. Beer Bowl
      keeping a bowl full of beer in the home is another good way to keep mosquitoes away.
    8. Soybean Oil
      Adding a few drops of soybean oil to a burning candle can make mosquitoes go away.
    9. Keep the lights off
      Mosquitoes love light. They often navigate where there is light. Turn off the lights for some time and let them go away while you also burn camphor at the same time.
    10. Applying peppermint oil to the skin
      The strong fragrance is not liked by mosquitoes. Applying peppermint oil to skin and clothing can help in preventing dengue.

There are plenty more ways to get rid of mosquitoes such as removing` any standing water inside or outside the house. The above natural mosquito repellents are free from any side-effects when compared to artificial chemical repellents.
There’s absolutely no harm in giving it a try today.